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Tools made by AST are produced to the highest standard and a level of precision that cannot be bettered.

Drawing from our vast experience in
Tungsten Carbide and High Speed Steel tooling manufacture, and utilising the most up-to-date machines, such as the Anca RGX CNC tool and cutter grinder, we offer tools that offer the following advantages:

All tools are made quickly, economically and with repeatable accuracy of form.

Not only is the profile accurate, but the tool is guaranteed to run true.

Tools with even the most complex form can be made with a diameter of up to 250mm.

A rapid turnaround can be achieved for tool maintenance and regrinds.

If you, the customer, can explain to us the tooling that you require, then we will do the rest, designing and manufacturing a tool that is perfect for your particular operating conditions.

In addition to
profile cutting tools, we also supply thread mills, port cutters, straight and spiral flute cutters and all the tooling for Wickmans Autos.

We will supply anything from a single tool to a complete tooling package, and we will back that up with efficient tool maintenance and any technical advice that is necessary.

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